Handmade in Bolivia, Fournier, Baby Clothing and Toys, at Playtime New York 2013, August 3-5

After learning that Ekobo is showing its bamboo made biodegradable Biobu Line of bowls and dishes at Playtime Paris (July 6-8, 2013), I found out that Playtime, a salon dedicated to all things for kids, is following its Paris edition with Playtime New York (August 3-5, 2013) and Playtime Tokyo (August 27-29, 2013).

One of the New York exhibitors is Fournier, an environmentally and socially responsible business offering baby clothing and toys handmade in Bolivia by women. This gives local women a chance to earn an income.


Some of the profits earned go "to provide medical services, pre and post-natal attention to knitters, and education to their children".

Not just kids play for Green Day #252

(* Photo from Fournier Facebook page)

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