Cuisine de Rue, Street Food, Montreal, 27 Food Trucks, 9 Locations, Summer 2013

Until September 29, 2013, Cuisine de Rue ('Street Food' en Anglais) is in full force on the streets of Montreal.

27 foodtrucks, which I believe are mobile versions of brick and mortar restaurants will serve 9 downtown locations on a rotating basis.


There are 3 time slots, Breakfast (or Matin, 7 to 10 am), Lunch (or Midi, 11 am to 2:30 pm) and Dinner (Soir, 5 to 10:30 pm).

For example, according to Ville de Montreal event calendar (they sponsor Cuisine de Rue), on July 19 (today) for Dinner, L'Assommoir Mobile will be at Parc du Mont Royal near Belvedere Kondiaronk).

There is also an association of 'restaurateurs de rue du Quebec' named Cuisine de Rue which aims to represent and guarantee quality and standards of that expanding segment of the food scene. They seem to be part and parcel of the 'Cuisine de Rue' event.

Please note that information on sites I linked to are in French only.

(* Cuisine de Rue image from Cuisine de Rue Montreal Facebook page)

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