Dash of Blue Curacao and Blueberry Vodka, Nordic Blueberry Caipiroska recipe from 'Cocktails'

We head north to Scandinavia for third recipe excerpted from Cocktails (H.F Ullman, Spring 2013) by Eliq Maranik.

Nordic Blueberry Caipiroska 

2 oz (60 ml) blueberry vodka

½ oz (15 ml) lemon juice

½ oz (15 ml) simple syrup

1 dash blue curaçao

Fresh blueberries for garnish 

Pour the lemon juice and simple syrup into a tumbler. Fill up the glass with crushed ice mixed with fresh blueberries. Add vodka and stir. Top with a dash of curaçao. Serve with a straw and a cocktail stick. 

You might mistake the sweet blueberry for its relative, the bilberry, which is edible, but has a much more watery, bland flavour. Bilberries are oval and their leaves a darker shade of green, but a bilberry or two could still end up at the bottom of your basket and water down your blueberry pie.

(* Recipe and photo from Cocktails, Fancy and Delicious Recipes for All Tastes by Eliq Maranik- published by H.F. Ullmann, Spring 2013, all rights reserved)

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