D Minus 2, Viva Voce, Fete de La Musique-Make Music 2013, June 21, Music is Free

On D minus 2, Fete de la Musique 2013 program map shows 53 events for Americas and Caribbeans, 28 in Asia Pacific, 15 for sub-saharan Africa, 16 for North Africa and Middle East and 94 in Europe.

Celebrate Summer's arrival with Free Music.

Theme for 2013 is Viva Voce.

For Americas, top 3 is USA with 18 happening followed by Mexico and Columbia with 5 each.

Checking mexican list gave me a chance to discover Xalapa

In Colombia the fiesta in Pereira takes place on Saturday, June 22.

USA events can all be found on National Music Day site.

US site descibes event as "music in the streets, music in your church, music in the cafes, the parks, and wherever you feel like playing."


Many US cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Fe and Denver use Make Music moniker, so does Kalamazoo.

Will there be a Silent Man- Viva Voce thread?

(* Illustration from National Music Day site)

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