Vacant Lot Turned Vegetable Garden, Newark, 8th Street and 11th Avenue

On my Monday run, I was going down 8th Street towards Central Avenue in Newark and noticed that a formerly garbage strewn vacant lot on corner of 8th Street and 11th Avenue had become a vegetable garden.


City farming for Green Day # 249

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Exploring Deliciousness of Insects, Canapes and Sold Out Talk, April 30- May 1, Wellcome Collection

Apr 29
Over the months of April and May 2013, the Wellcome Collection in London tries to answer the question Who's the Pest, with combination of Free and Paid events. Program notes intertwined existence of man and bug: "From their first bite to the fact they eat us when we die, insects will always be part of our lives. Explore the entwined, co-dependent and timeless love story between humans and insects and answer the burning question… who...
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