Have Fun Getting Your Hands Dirty, Sculpture Classes at NY National Academy School

Need a break from your routine or something to clear your head during Spring break vacations, have fun getting your hands dirty with Sculpture Classes at National Academy School in New York.

You can start on March 25, 2013 with Remixing the Ordinary led by Borinquen Gallo.



If sculpture is not your thing, also beginning on March 25th, Adventures in Printmaking with instructor Taka Maruno offers different path.

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11 New Books about Italy, 11 Mondays, De Bosis Colloquium, Harvard, Next Porta Palazzo on March 25

Mar 22
As you can see by reading event sheet from 6th De Bosis Colloquium below, books and themes run the gamut from food to Berlusconi. This 11 books in 11 Mondays event next installment is with Rachel Black on her Porta Palazzo book about the famous food market in Turin. To give you some sense of Porta Palazzo's scale, Cities in Migration notes that on Saturdays upward to 100,000 people visit the market which they say...
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Tuber and Thistle, Jerusalem Artichoke And Artichoke Heart Linguine Recipe from 'Roots'

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Spring is here even though weather tends to deny it. With Roots (Chronicle Books, September 2012), Diane Morgan served us a large helping of the "history and lore of 29 major roots, their nutritional content, how to buy and store them". Some root vegetables like parsnips get sweeter during cold winter months. My second pick from 'Roots' features a favorite of mine, artichokes. JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE AND ARTICHOKE HEART LINGUINE Despite their names and their common...