Ante, Etna Upside Down, Aromatic Sicilian White Blend of Carricante, Minnella, Greganico

Giving a second (or third) look at wines that got my attention at Slow Wine Guide 2013 tasting in New York in January, I realized that a few whites from Sicily were amongst them and that I had failed to mention them.

Let me start with Ante 2010 from I Custodi delle vigne dell'Etna in Castiglione di Sicilia, mostly carricante (70%) with balance made of minnella and greganico, all native varieties, aromatic yet crisp, winemaker calls Ante the son of the volcano.

Next Bianco Pomice 2010 from Tenuta di Castellaro on slopes of Lipari in Aeolian islands whose wines all are named after stones.

The Pomice is 60% Malvasia delle Lipari and 30% Carricante with 10% balance from unnamed local varieties. Floral with good acidity, winemaker suggested clams, oysters and especially grilled sea scallops as perfect food companions.

A toast to Sicily's surprising whites

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