Breakfast is More than Food, The Breakfast Bible by Seb Emina of London Review of Breakfasts

My introduction to London Review of Breakfasts took place while having breakfast at home on a Saturday morning and browsing the Food & Drink pages of the Financial Times and stumbled upon an article The Meaning of Breakfast (February 1, 2013) by Seb Emina one of the London Review of Breakfasts founders. 

Seb Emina notes that even though breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, for many of us it means grabbing coffee and a bite to go on the run Monday through Friday.

I am guilty of that myself.

As Seb mentions, it's always breakfast somewhere around the world and this meal comes in many flavors. As a teen, i worked in the vineyards in Armagnac region at harvest time and breakfast was a solid affair with soup, ham, dry cured sausage and eggs.

Maybe it's time to start saving some mornings during the working week to meet with a friend, a mentor over breakfast and begin the day sasiated and inspired.


Seb's musings on breakfast in book form, The Breakfast Bible is scheduled for publication in the US by Bloomsbury in May 2013.  It is credited to Seb Emina and Malcom Eggs (Seb 'nom de plume' on London Review of Breakfasts').

I have not read the book yet.

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