Malvasia Frizzante, Tournesol Red, Lusentin Organic Wines at Slow Wine Guide 2013 Tasting

One of the producers that caught my eye last night at Slow Wine Guide 2013 tasting in New York was Lusenti from Emilia-Romagna which happens to be organic and with Lodovica Lusenti and her husband Giuseppe Ferri at the helm.

17 wines from white and sparkling to reds and dessert are offered by winery.

Of these 17, a selection of 3 was there was the tasting.

First came Malvasia Frizzante Emiliana 2011. At first sight, it looks cloudy in the glass. It is because it is unfiltered and bottle fermented, Lodovica Lusenti told me. Grape is malvasia di Candia aromatica.

Second was Gutturnio Tournesol 2010. It is a sparkling dry red using traditional method with second fermentation in bottle. It was named Tournesol not as a nod to sunflowers (tournesol in French) or Tintin (Professor Tournesol) but because bottles are gently turned clockwise during second fermentation. It is 60% Barbera – 40% Croatina from certified organic grapes.

I thought it was first time i tasted an Italian wine using the Croatina grape until I realized it is also known as Bonarda.

According to Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna "the name of this wine has ancient origin. Gutturnium was a big silver cup Romans used for drinking wine during feasts, sharing it with the other guests. The consul Pisone, Julius Caesar’s father-in-law, was publicly criticised because of his excessive love for this wine!"


I came back towards end of tasting to sample their sweet wine, Pistamota, a vino passito (100% Croatina). You might be happy to hear it clocks at only 12% alcohol.

Guess what they suggest as food pairings for this Passito: Roast venison and goose with blueberry sauce, mature soft cheeses, chocolate cake, roast chestnuts, spongata cake (candied fruit cake). 

Lusenti converted to natural wines in 2010. Their sparkling creations use the 'Natural Fizz' moniker.

Green wines for Green Day # 240

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