Bigorneaux, Jellyfish, Mackerel, Blue Water Cafe’s Unsung Heroes Festival, Feb 1 – 28

You will not find Chilean Sea Bass on menu that Chef Frank Pabst of Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver has put together for his annual Unsung Heroes Festival that once again will feature the local fish and seafood catch.

2013 heroes include mackerel, jellyfish and periwinkles (small shellfish similar to snails known in my native Brittany as bigorneaux

The Unsung Heroes Festival is designed in collaboration with the Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise program,.

"Chef Pabst’s objective is to avoid species that are over-fished, or harvested in ways that can damage ocean beds – and introduce diners to fresh experiences and new flavours."

Unsung heroes

Among dishes on meanu are Sea Urchin Scallop Mousse with Ponzu Jelly, Periwinkles poached in Kombu Dashi, and Jellyfish with Pork Jowl and Lotus Root.

Good deeds: 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Ocean Wise  sustainable seafood program.

Sea Snails on menu of Green Day # 239

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