Visit Snake People, Swim in Ken River, Khajuraho 10 Do's and Don' ts, Madhya Pradesh

It might not be mentioned as often as Mumbai or Delhi yet Khajuraho is one of the most popular travel destinations thanks to tantric influenced Khajuraho Group of Monuments, a Unesco World Heritage Centre.

When Ulrike Reinhard who currently resides in Khajuraho where she is working on We the School project asked me if I was interested in her take on the city, I had to say yes.

10 Do's and Don'ts in Khajuraho


Enjoy the Temples in the early morning.


Spent more than 1 or 2 nights there. It's a powerful place.

Enjoy some Sula Vineyards white wine.

Visit the snake people around Peera.

Talk a long early morning walk beyond Shivsagar Lake.

Stroll through the old village.

Go cross country with a motorbike.

Buy some fresh fish in the afternoon market and get it cooked, grilled what so ever in one of the restaurants!

Visit Raja Cafè. The cappuccino is truly Italian! 

Go inside The Lalit Templeview Hotel and have a swim in the wonderfully located pool. 


Enjoy the Treehouse (Ken River Lodge) and have a swim in the river (Ken river).



Don't go out in big groups. Khajuraho is best when you explore it on your own!

Don't rush through Khajuraho - take your time there. 

Don't pay the prices they ask for in the first round.

Don't tease the buffalos in the streets.

Don't go there by plane, come by train.

Don't get stuck with the tourist part of Khajuraho. There is much more to explore!

Don't use the ATM right next to Raja Cafe!

Don't think Kamasutra is only about erotics.

As a woman, don't trust the men in Khajuraho


Don't forget Khajuraho is in Central India. It's rural India and decades behind cities such as Mumbai or Delhi. But that's its charme. 

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(* Image of Lalit Hotel swimming pool from their Facebook page)

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