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45 Percent Grolleau Noir, Heho Loire Red from Domaine Les Hautes Noelles

Dec 24
Clocking in at low 12% alcohol as Loire wines tend to do, Heho Rouge from Domaine les Hautes Noelles will please many palates and not break your party budget at around $10. This red blend is 45% Cabernet, 45% Grolleau Noir, 10% Gamay. Winemaker's tasting notes point to Cabernet bringing structure and vanilla while Grolleau Noir is responsible for peppery tones and Gamay adds fresh fruit flavors. Sante and thanks to Serge Batard for creating...
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Hitsumabushi, Grilled Eel Over Rice, a Favorite Dish of Aichi Prefecture, from Jetro Food Pages

Dec 27
According to the very official Jetro organization Food Pages which invites to discover regional cuisines of Japan, Hitsumabushi (Grilled Eel Over Rice) is a Favorite Dish of Aichi Prefecture. Locals take a step by step approach to cooking and eating Hitsumabushi: "Slow grilling a whole eel allows for the subtle flavors of the tender meat to merge perfectly with the savory and sweet aromas of simple ingredients. Locals make sure to partake of the dish...