Hitsumabushi, Grilled Eel Over Rice, a Favorite Dish of Aichi Prefecture, from Jetro Food Pages

According to the very official Jetro organization Food Pages which invites to discover regional cuisines of Japan, Hitsumabushi (Grilled Eel Over Rice) is a Favorite Dish of Aichi Prefecture.

Locals take a step by step approach to cooking and eating Hitsumabushi:

"Slow grilling a whole eel allows for the subtle flavors of the tender meat to merge perfectly with the savory and sweet aromas of simple ingredients. Locals make sure to partake of the dish in three distinct steps, first savoring the eel and rice as is, then adding half of the seasonings that accompany every order, and finally combining the last of the seasonings, the side of green tea (or in some cases soup), and the remaining eel over rice. The process allows for full appreciation of the natural flavors of the eel as well as a bit of zing."


In a green baking mood, try the Matcha Cake  recipe also found on Aichi Cuisine page.

Getting to know Aichi prefecture for Tokyo Thursdays # 246


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(* Photo of Hitsumabushi from Jetro food pages)

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