Indiana Jones and John Wayne French Connection, Hat Museum in Esperaza

Had I not decided to pay a visit to Dinosauria (dinosaur museum) in Esperaza (Aude, France) I probably would have never heard of the Hat Museum next door to it.

It was fascinating to discover how much work and sweat and how many steps it takes to rurn a raw material into a finsished hat.

The museum has created a great movie that takes you on the journey from raw product to stetson or beret.

It also showcases some of the machines used to stretch, shape and dry them.

Here's one below.

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The Esperaza-Couiza area used to count quite a few hat factories (most now defunct) were hats from John Wayne 'stetson' to Indiana Jones headwear were created.

I enjoyed Hat Museum visit as much if not more than Dinosauria thanks to its well rounded guide.

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