Cobblestone Street View of Groucho Vintage, Place de la Bourse, Toulouse

Shutters were down when I passed Groucho Vintage (not to confuse with Friperie Groucho), Place de la Bourse, during one of my walking expeditions around Toulouse.

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Sun and cobblestone streets.

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Wondering how many other Marx Brothers inspired shops I can find in Ville Rose.

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We School Project in Khajuraho, India shows 'Power of We' on Blog Action Day 2012

Oct 15
My crowded schedule and a nagging cold had me pondering until today Blog Action Day 2012 (October 15) what I should showcase to illustrate 'Power of We', this year's theme. All along I had a perfect illustration right under my nose. Name of this school project We School in Khajuraho, rural India, was brought to my door by Ulrike Reinhard who explains it all in video below. Hope some of you decide this project is...
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Whisky,The Islay Edition opens NYC Food Film Festival 2012, October 17-21

Oct 16
The NYC Food Film Festival lives up to its reputation for 2012 edition opening on October 17. From provocatively titled 2nd Annual Food Porn Party (on Saturday) featuring dishes from Saxon+Parole, Dirt Candy, Brooklyn Star and David Burke Kitchen to Japan scented I ♥ Japan night Friday Night, 10/19/12, AMC Village 7 Theatres, East Village featuring the world premieres of New York Cooks for Tohoku with Chefs Boulud, Bouley, Payard, Romano, Telepan and more, and...