Forgot that August 15 Means Long Week End in France, Originally Marks Assumption of Mary

It took an e-mail this morning from someone in France informing me that they were off until next Monday to remind me that August 15 is a holiday in France.

August 15 originally marks the assumption of Mary. The August 15 week-end and week has turned into one of the busiest times for travel during the summer season.

Catholic processions take place as site notes:

"In Paris, on 14 August, Catholics organise a river procession on the Seine around the Islands of Saint-Louis and the Cité. The Festival in honour of Mary in Puy-en-Velay and the international procession in Notre-Dame du Puy are also famous."


This holiday probably means that I will not hear from many people I plan to see or visit during my 2 weeks visit there until Monday.

It also shows that after 20 years in the U.S some holidays have fallen off my radar.

(* image of 'Assumption of Mary' procession from site)

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