Aboard United Flight 96 from Newark to Berlin

Getting everything together and ready to go before leaving for 2 weeks trip to Europe left no time to write this Tuesday.
Aboard United flight number 96, leaving in 15 minutes for Berlin.
Short stop in Berlin then on my way to Toulouse.
So little writing until late Wednesday.

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Spice Up your Cheese Intake with Picodon Method Dieulefit

Aug 20
Some areas of Ardeche and Drome in the Rhone Vallley might be too dry for wine yet just right for goats to roam. Without these wandering goats there would be no Picodon cheese which comes in various iterations as Wikipedia piece on Picodon spells out: "Picodon is made from milk with only a small quantity of rennet added before being poured into small moulds dotted with tiny holes. Lactic protein, frozen curd, and concentrated or...
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Maybachufer Market on Friday, Treptow Park on River Spree, Yaam Bar, Berlin 10 Do's and Dont's

Aug 26
After 2 French women's'take on Toulouse a week ago with Lunch at Au Nez Rouge, Visit to Black Virgin of La Daurade, an ex-Londoner gives us his take on Berlin after 2 years spent in the city. We only spent a few hours in the German capital last Wednesday morning between flights from New York and to Toulouse. 10 Berlin do's and dont's with @unionberlinman Mark Wilson came to Berlin with his girlfriend for a...