Olympics of Food? Global Feast 2012, London, July 25 to August 13, Curated by Ms Marmite Lover

Olympics of food, I don't know if medals (chocolate ones maybe) will be handed to best 'contestants' in Global Feast 2012 yet it seems a worthy addition to the sport competition during London Olympics.

What's Global Feast 2012 about:

"Over 20 successive evenings during the London Olympics, 80 guests will gather at the Old Town Hall in Stratford to travel through the cultures and cuisines of the entire world, tasting a different specialty each night.

The menu explores both London & the world – with a guest local chef each night joining culinary curator Kerstin Rodgers (The Underground Restaurant)."


To give you a taste of things to come, theme on August 1 will be Middle Eastern / Persian with guest chefs Sabrina Ghayour from Sabrina's Kitchen and Sally Butcher from Persepolis in Peckham and author of Persia in Peckham, and Veggiestan: A vegetable lover’s tour of the Middle East. 

Price for that dinner is 55 British Pounds ($85) per person
Worth a visit to London

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