Italian Riesling from Cabanon, Chicago's Webster Wine Bar Pick for Summer of Riesling 2012

As July rolls in wine bars and restaurants across the USA join forces to celebrate Summer of Riesling an event brought to the fore by Terroir NYC.

One of the hundreds of participants is Webster Wine Bar in Chicago who rounds up 4 dry selections for its first batch for Summer of Riesling 2012 with an Italian Riesling, Cabanon 2010 Oltrepo Pavese from organic producer from Piedmont.


Their Tasting Notes (I have not had a chance to try it):

"Showing fresh spearmint and just-ripe peach, fringed with shades of cream and jasmine, this succulent, summer-ready Riesling from Elena Mercandelli’s estate near the Piedmont border in the far northwest takes the prize for my favorite Riesling from Italy."


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