Irouleguy to Cotes de Duras, Saint Sardos to Cotes de Millau, Southwest France Wine Appellations

Between Bordeaux and the Corbieres and then Languedoc-Roussillon at large, there are a myriad of wine appellations, many of which you might be unfamiliar with.

They are grouped under the France Sud Ouest 'Les Vins a Decouvrir' (Southwest France, wines to discover) umbrella.

AOP du Sud Ouest

Drive just South of Bordeaux region and you will find Cotes de Buzet and Cotes du Marmandais to name two.

Indigenous grapes include Tannat and Malbec (Cahors) which you have found sucess in South America and others like Liliorila and Precoce Bousquest (for whites) or Fer Servadou and Mouyssagues (for reds) that will draw a blank. 

All grape varieties grown in the region are listed below (whites on left, reds on right)

Cepages Sud Ouest

I will visit the Gaillac and Fronton appellations during my 2 weeks in Southwest France late August and complement these visits to the producers with tastings with 2 well versed 'cavistes' (wine shops) from Toulouse dedicated to Jurancon, Irouleguy, Marcillac.

Pairings with local dishes and cheeses will of course be on my list.

Click on both images to see larger version

(* Images above from web site of Association Viticole du Sud Ouest....France Sud Ouest site in French) 

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