Ping Pong and String Quartet at New Music 20x12 Festival, London, July 13 to 15

Movie festivals feature short films.

At Southbank Centre, this summer 2012, 20 compositions commissioned by PRS for Music Foundation, each 12 minutes long, will be performed at New Music 20x12 Festival (July 13 to 15).

"Every single New Music 20x12 commission will be performed over one weekend at London’s Southbank Centre, with most performances completely free.

The weekend will also include two full days on one-to-one composer surgeries and four workshops for composers of all ages and abilities."


Amongst the works, London premiere of Ping! for table tennis players, string quartet and soundtrack and Spinal Chords, Sally Beamish's new work for the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment sets a text by Melanie Reid who broke her neck and back in a horse-riding accident in April 2010 which left her paralyzed.

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