For Chance to Win Tsukiji Masamoto Paring Knife, Fill NY Mutual Trading Knife Survey

Many amateur and professional chefs rave (drool) over Japanese knives for the precise cuts they deliver.

One lucky person has a shot at winning a Tsukiji Masamoto Paring Knife by filling New York Mutual Trading Knife Survey in the runup to the opening of their e-commerce site 'MTC Kitchen'.

As their name suggests Masamoto knives come from a shop located in Tsukiji fish market and Jon Van Dalen documents this century old producer in Masamoto Tsukiji Knives (Victory or Death in the Kitchen, April 15, 2012).

Masamoto knives

Detailed directions on how to reach the shop (located under blue sign in image above) are included in the piece.

Ode to knives for Tokyo Thursdays # 236

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(* Image from Masamoto Tsukiji knives shop from Victory or Death in the Kitchen piece)

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