E-Tickets for Train Travel in Italy not Available via Rail Europe

What do you do when you discover on a Friday evening that trips you want to book for train travel in Italy before departure on Monday are not available as E-Tickets via Rail Europe and that paper tickets (such a thing still exists) would not be sent until Monday?

You try Trenitalia site in English.

Unfortunately, their online reservation system seems down and keeps giving you a 'not available, try again later' message.

I have to say I did not have that problem when i booked my Paris-Toulouse train trip via SNCF.com last summer from Copenhagen.

On a positive note the Mini fares offered by Trenitalia start at 9 Euros and for travel midday from Rome to Venice on June 15, they have tickets available for 29 Euros, great price.

What's left to do?

Keep trying until a working solution pops up.

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