Catch last 3 Hours of Vexations, an 18 Hour Piece by Erik Satie, Free at Make Music NY 2012

I would be curious to know if anyone has the stamina, especially in 90 Degrees weather, to be there for all or most of performance by roving team of vibraphonists of Vexations, an 18 hour piece by one of my favorite French composers, Erik Satie.

This tour de force coordinated by Amy Garapic is one of the main musical events taking place during Make Music New York 2012, celebrating the arrival of summer on June 21.

New York performers of the piece besides Amy Garapic include Matt Evans, Carson Moody, Doug Perkins, Owen Weaver, and Alan Zimmermann. Simultaneous performances of the piece will take place in Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Toronto, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Canberra and Melbourne (Australia), Amman (Jordan), Seoul (South Korea), Pitea (Sweden), and Golania (Brazil), as part of the Make Music / Fête de la Musique festivities around the world.


New York performance takes place on Corner of Broad St and Wall St and ends at Midnight.

Unable to attend, A Worldwide Day of Vexations is live streaming some of the performances around the world.

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