Iggy Pop Croons in French and Covers Brassens, Henri Salvador in Apres

A French review from LesInrocks describes covers of French songs in Apres by Iggy Pop as Iggy Pop, en (mauvais) francais (Iggy Pop in bad French).

Reviewer wonders if Iggy understood what lyrics meant when he was singing them.

Another complain from some quarters is how short Apres is at 28 minutes.

Apres includes 10 covers, 5 in English and 5 in French.


I would never have imagined Brassens covered by the godfather of punk yet he does just that with 'Les Passantes'. Henri Salvador is also a good pick. I was puzzled by his choice of Joe Dassin. He should have taken a shot at Deshabillez Moi by Juliette Greco instead.

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