I Missed Castilla-La Mancha Tasting, Wines from Don Quixote's Spain, NY Stop on May 24

Since September 2011, my schedule has changed quite a bit and i have missed many wine tastings that take place during the day.

Add to the list of my miss the Castilla-La Mancha tasting on their stop in NY, today May 24, 2012.

Unfortunately, this last stop on the 3 leg  2012 tour after Atlanta and Chicago did not have a consumer evening session I could have joined.


You can learn about the region and its wines on Vinos de La Espana de Don Quijote site.

Apparently a separate Castillo-La Mancha tasting tour, La Mancha Wines, was also in the U.S in May 2012. It visited Seattle, San Francisco, Houston.

Or was it a different leg of the same tour?

All this makes me wonder if you should drink a white or a red wine from the region while reading Cervantes.

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