50 KW Wind Turbine to Microtractor, How to Build Your Own, Open Source Ecology Guide

Tinkerers, utopians, urban farmers and others will have a smile on their face when they visit Open Source Ecology, they will see 50 machines that compose the Global Village Construction Set, not a Lego set but machines that do jobs from producing Compressed Earth Blocks to Well Digging Rig.

This last is to find water not oil.


The whole Open Source Ecology effort is presented as "Open Source - Low-Cost - Modular - User-Serviceable - DIY - Closed-Loop Manufacturing - High Performance - Heirloom Design - Flexible Fabrication."

Grown up Mecano for Green Day # 224

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Rheingold Lady Stays Cool While Pit Roasting Chicken, Beer Here, NY Beer Exhibit Opens May 25th

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