Kosher Class Room and other Eateries and Art Spaces, New Life for Jüdische Mädchenschule Berlin

A former Jewish girls' school, the Ehemalige Jüdische Mädchenschule on Auguststrasse in Berlin reopened in February 2012 as a space where you can explore architecture, art and food too. One of its restaurants named The Kosher Class Room "serves three times per week certified kosher cuisine, including a traditional Sabbath dinner."

As the name The Kosher Class Room suggests, they also offer "kosher cooking classes and wine tastings, kosher cocktail classes."


Current menu for Sabbath Dinner is:


Smoked Alaska salmon with Keta caviar, orange-aioli and Melba toast
Cauliflower mousse with ramsons croûtons and herb salad Vegan


Chicken soup with Krepplach
Consommé with shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and silk tofu Vegan

Main dishes

Filled breast of spring chicken with dates and almonds, grilled peppers and barley risotto
Asian vegetables with tofu, jasmine rice and lotus chips


Chocolate-walnut cake with berries
Strawberry mousse and strawberry tart Vegan

4-course menu 75 Euros includes 1 glass of kosher sparkling wine.

Thanks to Nadja of VisitBerlin for listing the place as one I should check durin my 1 day stay in Berlin this summer.

(* Image of Kosher Restaurant from their Facebook page)

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