Union Jack, Oceanic Reef, Pig and Cow Easter Eggs, Easter 2012 Treats in the UK

Imagination is at work in sweet treat department this Easter 2012 in UK chocolate shops.

Patriotic fervor is on show with Union Jack Egg by Chococo, a "milk chocolate egg studded with dried raspberries & strawberries & hand decorated with a Union Jack flag."


From Chocolate Mice Popping Pralines to to Easter Glam Clam and Oceanic Reef Egg (below),Demarquette many options will work for all budgets and appetites.

Want to break with routine rabbits, fish fry, go for Pig and Cow Easter Egg Combo (below) by Choc on Choc. I noticed they offer free shipping on Easter orders to UK customers.

These last two have a shelf life of 1 year in case you want to see how long you can resist the temptation.

Harrods offers 7 pages of Easter Food including some of the 3 treats I mentioned above, page 7 includes foie gras.

Also worth checking, Selfridges has enough chocolate on display in It's All About the Egg collection to make you dizzy.

I would not mind taking a bite or two out of Marc de Champagne egg filled with Truffles by Charbonnel et Walker (below).


Should I turn my sights on Easter treats from Italy, Belgium or France next?

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