Organic Wines get the Raw Treatment in London with Raw Wine Fair, May 20-21

Organic Wines get the Raw Treatment in London with Raw Wine Fair, May 21-22, 2012.

Isabelle Legeron concocted a zesty program.

What's Raw?

Here's what Isabelle Legeron and her team's motto for Raw:

"RAW is a two-day celebration of some of the best wine talent in the world. Featuring around 150 growers, RAW will be one of the most exciting collections of fine, natural wine artisans ever to come together in the capital. They are pure, kind to the planet, very possibly better for your health and best of all they're absolutely delicious. 

RAW is leading the charge for transparency. We believe that in an ideal wine world, any processing and additives will be clearly communicated to the drinker so that you know exactly what is in your glass. RAW is a first step in this direction - we will clearly list all additives and processing on both the website and fair catalogue. We are proud to be leading the way."


Will I use Raw as  an excuse to visit London?

Green wine on the table for Green Day # 216

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