Tantric Lovers Art Print, Art Prints as Valentine's Day Presents via Idea Generation Gallery

Besides roses, chocolate, champagne and dinner for two, art prints could be a fresh gift idea for Valentine's Day.

One source worth considering is Idea Generation Gallery (London) which offers prints of art and photos from its past shows via their Culture Label online shop.

Amongst them is Tantric Lovers (part of it below) by Nigel Waymouth (June 1967), £240.00.


This piece is part of a 100 signed-numbered run.

Early morning-late night lovers are stars of 5am Alexander Palace, 1964 (John 'Hoppy' Hopkins), £75.00

The larger Culture Label catalogue offers other Valentine Day Themed items at all prices (not all to my taste).

For macaroon fans, there is Mr. Raccoon Loves a Macaroon plate, hand drawn by Jimbobart, £25.00

(* Tantric Lovers image and print © Hapshash and the Coloured Coat , all rights reserved)

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