Take a Leap, Drink 2009 Old Vine Carignane by Seghesio on February 29, Carignan Day

It sometimes feel like the calendar is not big enough to accomodate all the 'celebrations' taking place.

In the wine field, add Carignan Day whose first edition takes place on February 29, 2012.

Why? Here what organizers put forward as reason for it:

"The year 2012 endows us an extra day... Let’s take advantage of this spare time to drink and celebrate the CARIGNAN. February 29, 2012 will be the first global CARIGNAN DAY in history! So open your bottles and dare to be CARIGNAN. You won’t regret! Share your CARIGNAN"


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Fiona Beckett gives her Lowdown on Carignan (Guardian, February 29, 2012)

Amongst U.S made wines, for this first Carignan Day I give my vote to 2009 Old Vine Carignane by Seghesio which I had the pleasure to taste last summer.

This first 'Carignane' bottling in a while by Seghesio comes from a vineyard planted in Dry Creek Valley in 1954.

Winemaker suggests the wine is versatile enough to pair well both with red meats and herb crusted fish.


Thanks to Louise Hurren for making sure Carignan Day did not slip by me.

(* Illustration from Carignan Day site)

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