Grilled Beef Tongue Served for 1st Installment of Liho Liho Yacht Club Pop Up in San Francisco

What does a chef in transition between gigs or restaurant projects does?

He/ she tries new ideas and stays in the limelight with a Pop-Up eaterie of one type or another.

As Mondays are slow (or closing) nights in many establishments, it is a good day to pick for such ventures.

In San Francisco, chef Ravi Kapur decided to revisit his Hawaian roots and they infuse the menu for first installment of his Liho Liho Yacht Club pop-up on Monday, February 20, 2012.




Grilled beef tongue with shaved radish and chili is one of the savory dishes.

More details in Ravi Kapur Returns (Eater San Francisco, February 13).

Liho Liho Yacht Club pop up is hosted by Citizen's Band restaurant.

(* Image of Beef tongue prep shared by Ravi Kapur)

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