Eat Your Broccoli, Message from Paris Cookbook Fair 2012 Poster?

Was poster for 2012 Edition of Paris Cookbook Fair (March 7-11) inspired by May 2010 event when Champs Elysees Became a Garden for 2 days...


...Or are they just telling us to Eat our Broccoli?

Welcome to the garden of earthy delights

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In the Belly of the Olive Oil Beast, Extra Virginity Talk with Tom Mueller

Feb 17
Having spent 5 years working on his first book, Extra Virginity (WW Norton, Fall 2011), Tom Mueller shares good sides as well as shady corners of the olive oil world. After a bit of back and forth, Tom finally found time to answer a few questions I sent his way. Here's my Extra Virginity talk with Tom Mueller. Q: Tom, did your piece 'Slippery Business' for New Yorker in 2007 plant seeds for your book...
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No Dogs Over 20 LBS and other Rules of the Game at Zeppelin Hall and Biergarten

Feb 18
After an errand run, I could not resist snapping a quick picture of 11 commandments listed in window of Zeppelin Hall and Biergarten in Jersey City. Did not realize that beer drinking dogs were allowed in bars and brew pubs. Accept my apologies for cutting the 's' off in soiled clothing and 'l' in loitering)