Easier to Navigate Brusselicious than Searching Brussels Airlines Fares and Flights

I have been invited to attend 2 wine events, one in Burgundy (Grands Jours de Bourgogne), the other in London (London International Wine Fair).

A two week summer stay in France with side trip to Barcelona is also in the cards with a better chance to happen as my work schedule will be lighter in August.

When trips are on your radar, the first thing you do is check airfares.

I am keen to find the most affordable airfare for summer trip and I was curious to see what Brussels Airlines had to offer as they will start flying from New York in June 2012.

They share details on creature comforts aboard their planes like ergonomic seats below.Seatsbrussels

The search has been an exercise in frustration.

I entered my departure airport (JFK) and destination airport (Toulouse) with mid-August departure dates with return first week-end of September.

Lowest fare offered on New York-Toulouse via Brussels on August 19 is $324...I select it yet the shopping basket shows $0. I click on next step to choose my return flight.

Now best fare offered is $952 on August 19 and $506 for return flight.

Confusing at best.

Conclusion it seems easier to navigate Brusselicious site than searching Brussels Airtines fares.

(* Image of ergonomic seat from Brussels airlines pages)

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