Creative Chefs Pick Color, Texture, Size, Flavor of their Veggies thanks to Ugglarps Gront Farm

Fortunately (unfortunately), since last September, I have more stories on the cutting board than time to write them, a number of them related to my visit to Copenhagen for Nordic Feed Food Conference.

One of the presentations we had at Carlsberg brewery for Saturday program was by Mikael Jidenholm who runs a farm in Sweden thanks to whom chefs around Europe and beyond can pick color, texture, size, flavor of their vegetables like a painter chooses colors on his palette.

Flying vegies

Mikael Jidenholm talked to us both about local Swedish vegetables and herbs and also his own creations. Mikael  is the owner of Ugglarps Grönt farm in Halland (southern Sweden).

If my memory and my notes do not fail me, they offer no less than 29 different types of carrots (including one below).


They keep an updated online catalogue (with images) of what the farm has to offer at a certain point in time.

A small part of what they sell is foraged.

Of course not everyone of us can afford to order from Ugglarps Gront farm.

Should you put a price tag on creativity?

(* Ugglarps Gront website is in Swedish)

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