2012 is a Brusselicious Gourmet Year in Brussels, Tramway Included

After celebrating Fashion & Design in 2006 and Comic Strips in 2009, Brussels is the capital of culinary delights with Brusselicious in 2012.

This yearlong celebration puts the accent on fresh, seasonal and local foods and talent.


Belgium is known for its beers and chocolates.

In the chocolate department, Brusselicious created the caraque:

"The caraque is a chocolate made from flavoured or spiced solid chocolate. Our best trainee chocolate-makers from the CERIA/COOVI hotel management schools have created these delicious little gems: black chocolate/Kriek – milk chocolate/speculoos - white chocolate/pear. They will be produced by chocolate master Anne-Marie Nihoul.
Caraques Brusselicious - presented in 3x3 sachets – available from January. On sale, among
others, at the Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers, Grand-Place 4, 1000 Brussels"

Event also has its own Brusselicious brew using "know-how of the Faro goes back to the time of Breughel; it is obtained by the brewers by adding brown sugar to a bitter lambic."

Tramway is part of the city scene and Tram Experience will offer food on wheels.


To help visitors navigate the city's food scene, maps will be created along the following themes:

• Sweet Brussels 

• Savouring the markets 

• The chocolate counter

• The grand tour of the chip stands

• The best of gourmet Brussels

• Brussels and sustainable gastronomy

Some of these themes will be printed on small maps that fit in your pocket and will also be available online.

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