Popping Up Champagne with i Pad, How to Video by Benoit Tarlant

A little innocent holiday fun with this quick How to Video on popping up Champagne with i Pad no saber by Benoit of Champagne Tarlant.


Years ago, while I was a conscript in the French army in Saumur, I saw members of the cavalry do a clean cut on Champagne bottles. It takes a good saber and a steady hand.

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Creme Anglaise Based Holiday Egg Nog Recipe, Cook These Eggs

Dec 24
If your motto is 'the richer, the better', this creme anglaise based holiday egg nog recipe from Raising the Bar (Artisan Books, 2044) by Nick Mautone will fill you with joy. Holiday Egg Nog Makes sixteen 4-ounce servings Though many eggnogs use raw eggs, this one is based on classic crème anglaise, so the eggs are cooked. After you make this base, the variety of liquor, the spices, and the consistency are up to you....
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Elegant Tastes of Vienna, Christmas Goose Recipe from Neue Cuisine Cookbook

Dec 24
Goose ruled the roost in Europe before turkey conquered the holiday table. On Christmas eve, this recipe by Kurt Gutenbrunner from his more than a cookbook Neue Cuisine, the Elegant Tastes of Vienna (Rizzoli New York, Fall 2011) could help a few of you who picked a goose as their bird of choice. CHRISTMAS GOOSE Weihnachtsgans 6 SERVINGS 1 goose (10 to 12 pounds), giblets, neck, and wing tips reserved 3 carrots, cut into 1-inch...