Neon Duct Tape to Pixel Weave, 12 Steps to Stress Free Creative Gift Wrapping by Brit

The art of setting the table and what you serve food in ads a special touch to any end of the year meal. I evoked that with mentions of Dish by Shax Riegler and The Pot Book by Edmund de Waal, 2 excellent gift book ideas.

As Christmas 2011 is closing in on us, another task needs to be completed, wrapping all these gifts.

Who would think that Neon Duct Tape and Colorful Tights (full of runs) can be repurposed as gift wrap accessories?

It would have not dawned on me if I had not stumbled on 12 Days Of Wrapping: It's A Wrap! (Creative BRIT Living, December 23) by Brit.


12 tips besides using Neon Duct Tape and recycling runny Colorful Tights include turning Twitter Handles into name tags on presents and Pixel Weave: Weaving construction paper into a pixelated letter atop a gift box.

Thanks Brit for turning what could be a chore into an exercise in creativity.

(* Illustration courtesy of Hello Brit)

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