Dumpster Diving Gift Idea, Dive! Living Off America's Waste, The DVD and Eat Trash Campaign

Time's been scarce to jot down ideas for today's Green Day.

Thankfully a fully formed topic landed in my Inbox.

As our buying frenzy gets into high gear with each holiday, what could be a better antidote than the subject of Dumpster Diving, rescuing food leftovers.

Let's be honest, many people do it out of necessity rather than choice.

A man on a mission, Jeremy Seifert documents the trend in Dive! The Film- Living Off America's Waste.


The film site also promotes the Eat Trash Campaign to End Food Waste.

Will it be part of the conversation at the dinner table on Christmas or New Year's Eve 2011?

Dumpster Diving for Green Day # 205

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