Nest, A Thermostat that Learns About Your Daily Heating-Cooling Habits

Even though it's mid-November and temperature today is in mid-60's, I know that the heat will be on at some point during the day until late March.

At CES NY Preview a week ago, I discovered Nest, a thermostat that learns our daily habits.

I did not realize until I spoke to the company reps that thermostats whether it's for heating or cooling control half of the home energy use.

It obviously means that a thermostat that knows our habits besides being energy efficient can over time save us some green.


How does Nest learn?

A few examples:

-If you turn temperature down 2 nights in a row, on the third night it will do it for you.

-When you're not home, device will adjust to energy-saving temperature.

-It includes sensors that also monitor humidity, light and activity.

Nest connects to your WiFi network and allows you to monitor it from your smartphone or tablet (after you download mobile app) or your PC.

Their mobile app is currently only for iPhone and iPad.

Android version is planned for Decemberv 2011.

DIY installation should not take more than 20 minutes.

Price Tag: $249

I wonder how much energy and movey it would save me over course of current Fall-Winter seasons?

Cutting energy waste and bills too with Nest for Green Day # 201

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