Protect Wine Place and Origin, From Champagne to Jerez and Sonoma, 15 Signatures

Couples from time to time re-affirm their commitment.

Originally signed on July 26, 2005 The Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place & Origin and 15 regions now support the endeavor.

Their aim is simple, reaffirm the importance of terroir, respect the identity of each region an offer wine consumers the world assurance that when they buy a wine labelled Champagne it does come from the Champagne region and a Red Burgundy is not a jug wine.

It is not a European centric initiative, a number of American wine regions have joined the effort.

15 members so far are: 

Champagne, France; Chianti Classico, Italy; Jerez, Spain; Long Island, New York; Napa Valley, California; Oregon state; Paso Robles, California; Porto, Portugal; Rioja, Spain; Sonoma County, California; Tokaj, Hungary; Victoria, Australia; Walla Walla Valley, Washington; Washington state; and Western Australia

Many of them where present at Craft in New York on October 19, 2011 to re-affirm their commitment to protect wine place and origin.

Morning work delayed my arrival so I missed the speeches. I did have a chance to taste a number of wines and found time to speak with a number of producers and evangelists.

I will share that part in a separate piece.

An open letter calling for respect of wine origins received support of following chefs ans sommeliers:

Thomas Keller from Per Se and the French Laundry; Ferran Adrià from El Bulli; Daniel Boulud from Daniel; Alexandre Ferrand from Alain Ducasse; Wolfgang Puck from Wolfgang Puck Restaurants; Antoine Hernandez from Joël Robuchon; Michel Richard from Citronelle; José Andrés from Jaleo and minibar; Pontus Elofsson from Noma; Charlie Palmer from Charlie Palmer

Chefs, wine shops, sommeliers, importers and others involved in the wine trade who want to see Truth in Labeling applied to wine can Sign Up and help promote this global effort.

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