4 Decades of Photography Covered in An Evening with Daido Moriyama, Japan Society, NY, November 3

With paid work intruding on my writing schedule, I guess I will have to have a few rapid fire pieces ready to be loaded.

The Japan Society in New York served me with a perfect fit for this week's Tokyo Thursdays with their lecture An Evening with Daido Moriyama on November 3.

Self portrait

What's in it for you?

"For over four decades, Daido Moriyama has been publishing and exhibiting his photographs, producing a prolific body of work that includes over 300 monographs. In this special program, Moriyama and Christopher Phillips, Curator, International Center of Photography, discuss Moriyama's varied photographic projects, including photo books, recent photography and early projects, namely the series 71 New York and the 1974 performance PRINTING SHOW.

This program is presented in conjunction with a re-staging of PRINTING SHOW at Aperture Foundation (Nov. 4-5)."


$14/$10 Japan Society members, seniors & students

Photograph as memory for Tokyo Thursdays # 209

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(* Illustration: Self-Portrait (detail) by Daido Moriyama © 2011. Courtesy of the photographer, from program page, all rights reserved)

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