Onitsuka Tiger to Madfoot, Sneakers Culture Stars in Kicks Japan by Manami Okazaki

With Get your kicks in Japan (Japan Times, September 18), Eriko Arita continues exploration of sneaker culture in Japan.

Even though the array of fashion styles found on the streets of Tokyo can be dizzying, she notes that one thing unites them all "look at their feet and more often than not they are wearing shoes that are more familiar — sneakers. Even if at times they may be like no sneakers you have ever seen before."

The article highlights a few of the local brands prominent in Kicks Japan (Mark Batty, July 2011) a book by Manami Okazaki, she is now based in New York.


Her favorite brand is Onitsuka Tiger (founded in 1949) which she likes for its combination of comfort and style.

A more recent addition to the scene, mentioned in Japan Times piece and also featured in Kicks Japan is Madfoot created in 2001 which Okazaki describes as pop and crazy.

Street fashion for Tokyo Thursdays # 206

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