Beyond Pretty Faces and Kabuki Brushes, EcoTools Blog Advises Using Bamboo in the Kitchen

Rather than being slave to fashion, EcoTools uses their EcoTools Blog to go beyond pretty faces and how to use kabuki brushes.

They stay down to earth with Easy Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen (September 9) concluding the piece with "Use Bamboo" and pointing that "next time you have to replace your cutting boards or stirring spoons, make the switch to bamboo.  It’s one of the world’s most sustainable and renewable resources.  Plus, bamboo cutting boards are much healthier option, as juices wash away easier off of bamboo than a plastic counterpart."


During last event I attended as part of Nordic Feed Food Conference, the Nordic Taste Sunday outdoors market at Øksnehallen behing Copenhagen's central train station, I was pleased to see the 30 something restaurants using bamboo cups, forks and spoons to offer their delicious samples.

I've seen the beauty and the green for Green Day # 194

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(* My illustration is one of the photos I took on Sunday, August 28 of food being bamboo plated at Nordic Taste in Copenhagen...more to follow)

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