Retro Drive to Vacations, My Cool Campervan introduces us to Inga and Friends

Maybe it's due to summer and vacations.

I have noticed a renewed interest in my interview on My Cool Caravan with Chris Haddon, one of its authors.

Chris along with his My Cool Caravan co-authorJane Field-Lewis followed their Caravan hit with My Cool Campervan (May 2011) published by Pavillion.


"When people think of campervans they almost always recall the iconic VW T2 however, there is a world of forgotten campervans out there: the iconic Bedford CA, the classic Commer, the vintage Dodge, the converted Citroën H Van, the big American RV and a distinctive world of individual conversions to campers.

Jane and photographer Tina Hillier’s 3500-mile trip to locate the campervan owners and their proud memories, was a delightful journey of experiencing the joys of outdoor life, idle conversations, map reading and stumbling upon delightful new places. They met proud campervan owners who shared their memories of family holidays under candy-striped pop-top roofs, of ice creams in long road trips, of sunny days and simple pleasures."


The Volkswagen (VW) vehicle is Campaccino Coffee Company mobile shop. Richard Johnson, food journalist and founder of British Street Food Awards used a campervan to take his research on the road.

I kinda fell for larger than life Inga (top photo) which must give you more room to roam than the VW.

I can see myself following their lead to visit some of the spots I have mentioned over the years.


My Cool Campervan is available in all good bookshops and via Anova Books online.

I am not sure how widely available the book is outside the UK.

Bon voyage!

(* My Cool Campervan by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon, published by Pavilion. Photography by Tina Hillier...illustrations courtesy of publisher, all rights reserved)

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