Mad Food Camp at 1st Nordic Feed Food Conference, Copenhagen August 26 - 28

Nordic food has moved from underground to celebrity status in past 2 years thanks to Rene Redzepi of Noma.

It feeds into the locavore trends and seasonal fare adopted by more and more chefs.

From August 26 to 28, Copenhagen will host the 1st edition of Nordic Feed food conference.


The logic behind it:

"The manifesto behind New Nordic Food is less than ten years old. It is basically cooking with ingredients and produce whose characteristics are particullary excellent in Nordic climates, landscapes and waters.

That is how we prepared food hundreds of years ago, and we are now going back to the same old virtues. Not because of a naïve and romantic dream, but because it makes sense."

Some highlights:

On Friday, August 26 from 3 to 5:30 PM, the event will kick off with Introduction to Nordic Food by:

Michael Funch

Andreas Viestad (TV-chef and host of BBC Scandinavian Cooking) 

Trina Hahnemann (chef and authour of Nordic Diet and Scandinavian Cookbook)

On Saturday, August 27:

"Carlsberg Museum is the setting for a culinary lunch. Chef Marco Sganzerla has put together a gourmet menu with beer both as an ingredient and in a perfectly composed beer menu. He is followed by Arne Astrup, MD, Dr. Med., head of the OPUS research project, who will talk about the health aspect in New Nordic Food."

After lunch, a brewmaster will look at challenge of reinventing modern beer using indigeneous Nordic hops and malts.

Also on Saturday, attendees will have access to Mad Food Camp where" the public can meet chefs from around the world, talk to a number of Denmark's most ambitious farmers, see grazing animals and taste high quality food at street kitchens. Claus Meyer, the entrepreneur behind both Mad Food Camp and The Manifesto For The New Nordic Food, will tell the story behind the idea that put the Nordic Countries on the map of international cuisine."

We all heard of Mediterranean Diet. Conference will open a new front, the Nordic Diet.

Sunday takes Nordic Feed guests to Wonderful Copenhagen event in Meat Packing district where around 30 leading restaurants from Denmark and southern Sweden offer small sample-dishes, with focus on local produce and traditions.

Will I be there?

If a friendly airline flies me here as Virgin America did for Hospice du Rhone, I will report live and from the scene.

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