Kulfi Ice Cream Treats for India Independence Day, Gluten Free, Made in Texas

From curry sauce to Irani cafes in Bombay, I recently became aware of the wide ranging Persian influence on Indian cuisine.

2 week ago, i was the lucky recipient of Kulfi ice-cream treats by Kaurina's made in Texas.

What better time to share my favorites than India Independence Day (August 15)

A quick introduction to Kaurina's and Kulfi:

"Kulfi is the original ice cream of India. Believed to have its origins in Persia, kulfi was introduced to the subcontinent by Moghul royalty in the 1500s. Unlike most ice cream, kulfi is not whipped and is made with only pure cooked milk, sugar, and natural flavors. The result is a decadent, intense flavor!

Kaurina’s started when Mrs. Jas Singh began making kulfi from an original family recipe for family and friends."

If you are looking for distinct flavors, start with their Mango flavor, move on to Pistachio Almond and continue your exploration with Malai (Cardamon cream).

I also tasted their Chocolate flavor, nice but less exotic.

Single packs like the one pictured above, also open our horizons on Kheer (Fresh Malai and Milk are smoothly mixed with our creamy base of pure cooked milk blended with fresh ground natural cardamon) and Chikoo (Fresh Chickoo and Milk are smoothly mixed with our creamy base of pure cooked milk blended with fresh ground natural cardamon).

All 4 flavors I tasted were on sticks which come in regular size (4 bars, 150 calories each) or snack size (8 bars, 80 calories each) which are perfect for kids so they don't get in sugar overdrive.

Some flavors come in stickless version which you can slice and serve as an extra treat at dessert time.Pistachio_Almond

Kulfi is made without eggs or preservatives and is also Gluten-Free.

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