Mustard as Relief from Scorpion Bites, Ms Marmite Lover Mans Maille Pop Up at Spitalfields

Our dear friend from London Ms Marmite Lover is showing her love for mustard by manning the Maille Pop Up Shop at Spitalfields.

While involved in a dizzying number of events, she also found the time to teach us How to Make Mustard (July 10).

She shares a Sweet Wholegrain recipe and a classic Dijon Mustard recipe in the piece.

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She concludes on the medicinal virtues of mustard:

"Mustard has health benefits and was often used as a paste to stimulate the circulation, to improve the memory and give relief from scorpion bites. Mix up some mustard powder with water and flour, spread it on brown paper and wrap it around the affected part with gauze. Leave for ten minutes or longer if you can stand it. A mustard bath is also beneficial."

Don't worry, they will not let any scorpions loose in Spitalfields to demonstrate the cure.

Ms Marmite Lover plants her tent at Maille Pop Up until July 16.

Does Maille still use the old slogan 'Il n'y a que Maille qui m'aille" ?

(Photo shared by Channel 4 Food on Twitter via Hootsuite)

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