Tap Your Smartphone for Taste of Chateau Mangot, Grand Cru St Emilion

Maybe I have not looked hard enough yet it seems that Smartphone Apps dedicated to wine tend to be created mostly for the i Phone and i Pad and my smartphone (since February 2011) is the HTC Inspire 4G (Android).

I was happy to see this morning that Chateau Mangot, a family owned Grand Cru Saint Emilion created a Smartphone App for both Apple and Android platforms.

Qr code

They introduce the Chateau Mangot smartphone app with these words:

Le monde du vin est d’une telle complexité, de part son coté historique et culturel qu’il effraie un grand nombre de consommateurs... Quelque peu perdu dans cet univers si mystérieux, où qu'il soit sur la planète, le consommateur cherche une information à jour, facilement accessible et ponctuellement adaptée à ses besoins.

Which translates to:

The world of wine is so complex due to its historical and cultural aspects that it scares many consumers...Somehow lost in this mysterious universe, wherever he-she happens to be on the planet, the consumer looks for up to date information, easily accessible and adapted to his-her needs"

Well put!

I just wish the winery website had a quick and direct link to App Store and Android Market.

I am not sure what languages the Apps are available in besides French. I will update this story as soon as I find out.

Thanks to Guillaume of French tech blog Guim.fr for bringing this to my attention.

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